Top 5 des créatures les plus détestées de Minecraft

Top 5 Most Hated Minecraft Creatures – Minecraft Online Free

The game Minecraft contains different types of creatures. also called mobs. These mobs spawn, roam around, and eventually die in the game world. Players can interact with these mobs when they first appear in a new world and either kill them to survive or tame them as pets.

There are some hated creatures in the community, it can be because of their insignificance in Minecraft or because they constantly annoy players. Let’s discover together the most hated mobs in the Minecraft community.

The 5 most hated creatures in Minecraft

5 – Polar bears

Polar bears are pretty useless and just make the snowy biomes in Minecraft look better.

Polar bears are neutral creatures that only spawn in snowy or frozen biomes. Many players hate them because of their uselessness and sometimes annoying character. These creatures can become hostile if a player approaches a group of polar bears that have babies. Even if players kill these neutral creatures, they don’t drop anything of importance.

They are mostly present in the game as ambient creatures, to enhance the look and feel of cold biomes.

4 – Creepers

creeper minecraft
Although Creepers are the most iconic creatures in Minecraft, they can be quite annoying at times.

Creepers are arguably the most famous and iconic creatures in gaming, but for all the wrong reasons. These hostile, silent creatures sneak up on the player and explode. There is a strange love-hate relationship between players and this creature.

Despite being the face of the game, Creepers can completely ruin a structure or kill a player with their explosion. That’s why they’re on this list as one of the most hated creatures.

3 – Gast

Fond d'écran Minecraft: un gast
Ghasts can scare even the most experienced Minecraft players with their horrifying scream

Ghasts are the most annoying creatures in the Nether. They are huge flying ghost-like creatures that emit eerie cries that can be heard throughout the area. Whenever these creatures attack players, they let out horrific screams, scaring players.

Going to the Nether through a portal is hard enough and it’s a dangerous place, and these creatures don’t help matters. They are therefore one of the most hated creatures in the game.

2 – Silverfish

poisson d'argent minecraft
Silverfishes can be quite annoying due to their small hitboxes.

Silverfish are small, hostile mobs most commonly found in forts due to the spawn block in the End Portal room. Although they don’t cause too much damage to the player, these creatures are extremely annoying to fight due to their small hitboxes.

Also, they irritate players even more if they are in a large group. Once killed, these creatures drop nothing except a few XP points.

1 – Phantom

phantom minecraft
Phantoms are the most hated by players who don’t sleep in their Minecraft world.

Millions of gamers have expressed their hatred towards the Phantoms. These are mysterious creatures that only appear above the player if the player hasn’t slept in-game for three days. They are basically ghosts that players encounter if they are not sleeping.

Many players don’t skip the night and are constantly working on their worlds to progress faster. In such situations, these creatures appear and annoy players. Even though they drop their membranes which can be used to repair the Elytra, they are hated in the community.

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