Ces 7 fonctionnalités de Minecraft dont on ne comprend pas l’utilité

These 7 features of Minecraft whose usefulness we do not understand – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft is a game that has evolved significantly over the years, but that doesn’t mean that every new feature and feature makes perfect sense. On the contrary, many of these aspects could be considered ambiguous.

Some aspects of Minecraft are based, at least partially, on the real world. However, when examined from a purely realistic point of view, several elements of the game do not correspond exactly to reality.

Most video games are not supposed to obey the laws of physics. Still, it can be fun to point out some inconsistencies in Minecraft.

7 – No nap

When someone is tired, it is not impossible that they slip away for a few naps in the middle of the day. But the same cannot be said in Minecraft, as players can only sleep at night or during a storm. Why is this the case? Is napping forbidden in the normal world? Are the player characters just too hardworking and refusing to take a nap?

The answer probably has to do with the fact that sleep is primarily for skipping at night and avoiding danger from hostile creatures. But still, lying down in the middle of the day doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

6 – Ender Dragon Egg Cannot Hatch

Ender Dragon Egg can't hatch

One of the rarest items in Minecraft – if not the rarest since it can only spawn once or twice – is the Ender Dragon Egg. But it has no real use apart from being a nice trophy or decoration. Considering players need to defeat the ender dragon to get the egg, why can’t it at least hatch or be used for something else? Sure, a baby Ender Dragon can be a dangerous pet, but players have been clamoring for years that the egg has some use in the game.

The egg can teleport under certain circumstances, but it’s mostly to avoid being permanently destroyed.

5 – Holding light sources offers no light

Holding light sources offers no light

Although this issue has been addressed through mods and shaders, Minecraft players have long been confused by in-game light sources. Specifically, these blocks only provide a level of light when placed, and players holding torches, lanterns, or glowstone blocks will not benefit from the presence of light while those items/blocks are in hand. However, once these objects are placed on a wall, floor, or roof, they suddenly emit light.

Since exploring dark areas would be much easier if the glowing blocks/objects glowed when held, this is definitely a feature Mojang might want to address.

4 – Villagers allow players to loot their items

Villagers allow players to loot their items

Finding a village in Minecraft is always fun because it often means free items to loot from village chests. Currently, players can go straight to a village and take all the items, crops, and blocks without the villagers protesting. But why exactly? Sure, the villagers don’t seem like the type to declare war, but they’re sometimes protected by iron golems. Couldn’t the iron golems at least protect the villagers from having their items stolen or their homes being broken into?

Villagers may be altruistic by nature and not averse to sharing, but compared to most other creatures, they are incredibly passive when it comes to losing their hard-earned items.

3 – Walk through paintings

Walk through paintings

Paintings are considered non-solid in Minecraft, so if there is no obstacle behind a painting, players can walk through it. Shouldn’t paint block a player’s path, or are the paints in this game made of a thinner-than-air material? Real-world paintings aren’t usually the sturdiest of objects, but someone trying to push through a painting won’t be able to do so without causing damage.

2 – Explosive beds

Explosive beds

While not being able to sleep during the day is one thing, beds are much more dangerous once they’ve left the normal world behind. Even trying to use one in the Nether and End dimensions, it explodes, damaging surrounding blocks and entities. But why is this the case? Do Nether and End creatures obey different laws of nature? Or does the concept of time in these dimensions violently distort the objects used for sleeping?

Does this mean organic Nether creatures, like piglins, can stay awake forever? Frankly, explosive beds raise a lot more questions than answers in Minecraft.

1 – Gravity


While the way gravity in Minecraft works is incredibly useful for construction projects, it doesn’t make sense when compared to our world. Of course, blocks like gravel and sand will be pulled down by gravity (as well as objects/blocks left behind by players), but many blocks in the game can stay in the air forever after being placed. Even immensely heavy blocks like obsidian will not fall to Earth. Why is Mojang so particular about blocks and objects that are influenced by gravity? The idea seems contradictory with the very concept of physics.

Of course, this gravity is in a video game, and not everything is meant to be realistic. Still, outside observers can tend to get a little confused when they see a block floating in the air during their first moments of play.

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