The 5 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers in 2022

The 5 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers in 2022 – Minecraft Online Free

Have you ever noticed the cool-looking buildings around the spawn, or these tall obstacles, that have to be jumped over, with success only when you land on a block?

It is a very fun-to-play type of game, which is called parkour, and exists on many of the Minecraft servers.

Minecraft isn’t only about building tall buildings, which you can rent, or play with your friends. It’s filled with many adventures, which depend on how the server was set.

And if you are one of the players, who is looking for some challenges in Minecraft, we have the perfect list for you.

In this article, we are going to showcase the best Minecraft Parkour servers for 2022, filled up with adventures, and all sorts of maps.

What is Minecraft Parkour Servers

Every once in a while a Minecraft server with a strange built running map is dedicated to jumping and avoiding the obstacles in your way. These maps are fairly known as parkour maps.

There is only one mission, and it is to accomplish the map, without falling. Because once you fall from the map, you will be respawned at the beginning of the map.

You may have seen such maps or played with your friends, however, each map is different and has a different plugin list associated with it. Some parkour maps may have timers added to them.

Once you move a block ahead, the timer will start ticking, which means you have to pass the challenge as soon as possible. Depending on the time of accomplishing the parkour map, you may receive a reward. Some servers give you a medal, while others will even display your ranking amongst other top players on the server.

Parkour maps became popular way back in Minecraft 1.9, and continue to be cherished by the community. And since it’s a challenge, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compete.

Some players have chosen to play on these maps for the sake of content on YouTube or other streaming websites, so they can chill while talking.

Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

Each of the mentioned Minecraft parkour servers will vary from a serving network to a dedicated Minecraft parkour server. The maps they are introducing will also be mentioned, so you can choose the best parkour server for yourself.

Jumpcraft (Server Address:

Jumpcraft is one of the oldest parkour Minecraft servers, which has dedicated its entire time to creating wonderful parkour maps for Minecraft players. The creators of the server have been adding a different parkour map every single day, along with updating their old ones.

The parkour maps offered by Jumpcraft are all different and can vary from easy to finish, ending at abnormally hard. Depending on your skills as a Minecraft parkour player, you can join and try to play on any of these maps.

However, if you are feeling lonely, you can always invite your friends and complete challenges together. For every challenge completed, you will earn parkour points, which can result in a rank up, if you have gathered the needed amount.

And if you are a total newbie in parkour, they have some newbie-friendly parkour maps, which can teach you how to play, and when to walk or run. Their support staff is also user-friendly and will be always welcome if you are experiencing issues, or have been harassed by other Minecraft players.

And as a closure to one of the oldest and best Minecraft parkour servers. We would like to mention, that if you are a parkour enthusiast and a builder, you can always help the team out, by submitting your project.

Mineplex (Server Address:

Mineplex is one of the oldest Minecraft servers ever created, which has also withstood the downtrend of Minecraft back in the day.

They are an official Mojang partner, which has continued to develop new packs for the Minecraft Bedrock edition and can be found on the official Minecraft website as well.

Mineplex has been offering a wide variety of adventures over the years, with their custom-made sets of plugins for minigames servers, receiving millions of players, and twice that popularity.

One of their newest adventure minigames is the parkour, which they have re-created and advanced with their professional team of developers. However, the parkour maps they have created over the years are not as much as other servers but can be really fun.

You can easily join them with friends, and earn yourself some in-game currency, which is used for purchasing cosmetics and some special in-game items, which can make you feel and look good.

Mr (Server Address:

Minr is the 3rd oldest Minecraft server that has ever existed in history. They have survived all kinds of damages and continued to develop for the sake of their players.

With plenty of minigames and a wide variety of adventures, Minr has become a very popular Minecraft server to play at any time. They have dedicated their entire time to delivering more content to their players and keeping it on the server forever.

One of their best projects for content creators was the parkour minigame, which managed to bring tons of streamers and newbie players. And if you have never played parkour maps in Minecraft, or had forgotten how to play them, you don’t need to worry.

Minr has dedicated time and effort, especially for the newbie parkour players, to create maps with easy-to-pass courses and tutorials, on how you can play parkour and win the challenges.

The Minr parkour server offers you more than 300 different challenges, and a set of achievements, which can be earned through completing their maps with a decent score.

For those who manage to pass the hardest challenges, Minr may contact them, to become their testers and see how difficult the next challenge will be.

Triumph (Server Address:

Triumphia is one of the simplest Minecraft servers for both Bedrock and Java Edition Minecraft players. It offers a wide variety of modes, including special vanilla servers, factions servers, and the very popular parkour servers.

Players can easily join any of the above-mentioned servers from the Triumphia hub and clash into long-awaited adventures with other players.

The parkour server in Triumphia offers 100 different maps with different difficulty sets and obstacles, which you will need to overcome. They have also included traps on the maps, or hid some blocks, to make passing the level even harder.

While Triumphia can have one of the best parkour servers in Minecraft, that can be played with friends, they have a small downside. You cannot crossplay with people who are playing on Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition servers.

However, the maps and content offered by Triumphia remain the same for both Minecraft editions and have not changed even a bit, so both sides can be equal.

ParkourCraft (Server Address:

If you are looking for a small Minecraft parkour server, where there aren’t many players or the maps aren’t made only for professionals, you can join ParkourCraft.

It’s a fairly small dedicated Minecraft parkour server, with over 300 maps, you can start playing with your friends. The great thing about ParkourCraft is that challenges can be set between friends, and the winner of the challenge, will earn a decent amount of in-game coins.

The coins you earn from solo passing parkour maps, or through challenges with friends, can be used for buying cool in-game cosmetics, which may also help you to improve your parkour skills.

The players who haven’t learned parkour still, can join the newbie maps, and follow the routes created by professional ParkourCraft players, for an easier journey.

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