The 5 Best Minecraft Modded Servers in 2022

The 5 Best Minecraft Modded Servers in 2022 – Minecraft Online Free

Do you want to join Minecraft servers with extended content, and far more features, which plugins cannot give you? One of the best ways to find such servers is through playing on a modded Minecraft launcher.

When you use such launchers, you will be able to play on modded Minecraft servers, which have dedicated mod packs, and tons of features.

In this article, we are going to showcase the best Minecraft modded servers and point you only top quality servers, with no downtime and thousands of features, which you can enjoy.

What are modded Minecraft servers?

Modded Minecraft servers are those who use specially made mod packs, including features that do not exist in the basic Minecraft. Each mod pack includes special content, such as mobs, cars, weapons, and much more.

Even special games can be created into mods and included in servers. However, this will require players to download each mod, and include it in their Minecraft installation.

If a player doesn’t have a certain mod, which is required by the server, they will not be able to join and play. Or if they are able to join, they will not be able to play with the mods.

But to make things easier, we have included the best Minecraft launchers with mods, which have mods pre-installed or can be installed within the launcher in less than 5 minutes.

Best Minecraft Modded Servers

Complex Gaming (IP:

Complex Gaming can be played with or without mod packs, and is one of the largest Minecraft servers. It is very known as the biggest modded Minecraft server, featuring over 30 more mod packs, that players can enjoy while playing.

Some of the mod packs that they have included in their servers are Terra nova and Antimatter. Ultimate reloaded, Infinity Evolved, and VoidPack 2.

Each of their mods can be found on their website, which contains full lists and guides on how you can play. However, some of the mod packs that you are downloading may be resource-heavy. But all of the mentioned mod packs will be required, otherwise, you cannot join the server.

And except for their FTB server, you can always join the Complex Gaming Pixelmon server, which is not resource-heavy and can be played even on low-end computers. Both servers are making roughly 1000 and more players, which makes them one of the best modded Minecraft servers for all players.

Crafters Land (IP:

Crafters Land is one of the oldest modded Minecraft servers, which features 21 different mod packs. You can download each of the mod packs and try it on their Minecraft servers, which are available to be played at any time.

Crafters Land has 2 types of modes, which are classic vanilla Minecraft, or modded Minecraft servers. Their modded servers need only one of the mod packs, and once you have downloaded it, you can easily join the server for it.

Each of the servers will have a different type on how to play, but also includes additional guides, so you can get used to the Minecraft mod that you have chosen by your liking.

PixelmonCraft (IP:

PixelmonCraft is a dedicated Pokemon or as we call it pixelmon Minecraft server, which is a mod combining Pokemon and Minecraft together.

PixelmonCraft is one of the first Pixelmon Minecraft servers, which has not only recreated the Pokemon you can catch but also has the towns, areas, and even tournament buildings, just like in the original series.

The default mobs that you could find have been replaced with Pokemon, and the default items have been replaced as well.

In PixelmonCraft players can experience a real-life Pokemon adventure in one of the largest servers, where they can fight with other gym leaders, heal Pokemon at the Pokecenter, and even purchase perks are the Pokemarts.

The whole Pixelmon adventure is represented in a blocky type world, which makes it more authentic, and players can gather more than a thousand different items to become the best Pixelmon trainer in Minecraft.

PixelmonCraft is also generous enough to create special tournaments for Pokemon trainers, which in the end will give them in-game rewards, such as ranks, currencies, and even rare Pokemon, which they can level up along their journey.

Dirtcraft (IP:

Dirtcraft is a unique Minecraft server network, with 2 different mods. It currently has Feed The Beast and Pixelmon servers, which included a ton of custom features integrated within their mods.

Dirtcraft is also responsible for a high player base around Pixelmon servers, as they are one of the oldest servers, which have dedicated Minecraft servers with mods.

In fact, Dirtcraft has large maps, filled up with different adventures, especially for their Pixelmon server. Trainers can explore the lands for hundreds of hours, and try to catch rare Pokemon.

They are also featuring different kinds of events, which players can attend, and earn some nice rewards, such as in-game ranks, in-game currency, or even perks to use on the server.

Dirtcraft does not reset its Minecraft servers, which means that players can play casually, without trying too hard before the season ends.

And if you wish to play on the Dirtcraft modded servers, you can easily download one of their launchers, and start playing with your friends. Their launchers have everything that is needed to run the servers, along with some game optimizations, for a smoother experience.

Brawl (IP:

If you are looking for a very special modded Minecraft server, which includes your favorite First Person Shooter games, then you should start playing on Brawl.

It’s a Minecraft server with the best FPS mods, including some mods that they have created with their developer team. Playing in Brawl is like playing Fortnite or PUBG, with a small difference that everything is made out of blocks. Brawl is one of the oldest modded Minecraft servers, which started back in 2012, and has received over 4 million players since that time.

Nowadays, Brawl is still playable and it continues to entertain with its specially made battle royale mods, which are like Fortnite, PUBG, and Even CS: GO. Not to mention that the structures are almost the same, which brings nostalgia to most FPS players.

Along with the battle royale mod that Brawl offers, you can join their peaceful modded servers, and create fun structures, while enjoying your favorite sandbox game.

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