Testez les nouveautés de Minecraft 1.20 dès maintenant ! Snapshot 22w42a / Preview

Test the new features of Minecraft 1.20 now! Snapshot 22w42a / Preview – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft Live 2022 is still fresh in our memory, it’s perfect you can now test its new features in Snapshot 22w42a for Minecraft Java and Preview for Minecraft Bedrock!

Depending on the platform you play Minecraft on, you can access the camel, hanging signs, carved bookcase, and bamboo wood.

Please remember that these are pre-release versions, which means that we will continue to work on them before integrating them into the main game.

The new features of 1.20 to test

Here are the main new features that you will be able to try:

  • camels
  • bamboo wood
  • The sculpted library
  • The hanging signs

We already came back in detail in our article on what’s new in Minecraft 1.20 on what this animal and objects bring to Minecraft, check it out for the details of what they bring!


  • Sounds: Different types of wood now have unique sounds when placed, broken, or stepped on.
    • There are three sets of unique sounds: Overworld wood types, Nether wood types, and bamboos.
  • Revamped Creative Inventory tabs
  • Changes in chat
  • The Realms News button now displays a confirmation screen before opening the link.
  • The fort placement code has been changed to be more efficient, causing the positions of the forts to move.
  • They are always placed in concentric rings, but their position in the rings can change by a few degrees.

Creative inventory

The order of Creative Inventory tabs and content has been changed to make it easier to find relevant blocks and items.

  • Blocks and objects have been moved to categories that better match them.
  • Blocks are now categorized by material, where possible.
  • For example, all oak blocks and variants are now placed next to each other.
  • Some items can now be found in more than one tab.
  • Some tabs have been renamed or merged into others.
  • The search tab now presents items sequentially, grouped by other tabs.
  • For example, items found in building blocks will always appear before items found in redstone blocks.
  • Removed Petrified Oak Slab from Creative Inventory.
  • It is still possible to access it via commands.
  • This is a first iteration aimed at improving the Creative Inventory experience. We will carefully consider the reactions to these changes in order to adapt them if necessary.


  • Remove chat preview
  • Chat messages deleted by server moderators will no longer be completely hidden, but replaced with text that reads “This chat message has been deleted by the server”.
  • Deleted chat messages will now be displayed in the chat window for at least 3 seconds before being hidden.
  • Chat trust status indicators have been changed:
  • The “Edited” tag no longer displays for server-edited messages that only changed the style.
  • The icon and indicator for the “Edited” label are now dark gray.
  • The “Not Secure” label is now light gray and has no icon.
  • Partially filtered chat messages now display the filtered text as gray hashes with hover text indicating that it has been filtered.

Download snapshot 22w42a / Preview Bedrock

  1. Start by downloading the minecraft launcher then launch it
  2. Go to “configuration” and allow snapshots in the boot options.
  3. From the Launcher menu, select Latest Snapshot 22w42a
  4. Click on “Play”.

To see how to test the new features of Minecraft 1.20 on Bedrock Edition, see our article on Minecraft Preview.

📥 Server version of snapshot 22w42a

Snapshot 22w42a sur Minecraft.net

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