Pixelax releases V4 from its Minecraft Survival Pixelmon server!

Pixelax releases V4 from its Minecraft Survival Pixelmon server! – Minecraft Online Free

The Pixelax adventure has been going on for 3 years now, and the server team has just released V4!

New maps, new features, use of up-to-date technical means (Forge version, mods) and above all: a lot of homemade things!

Your adventure starts at the server hub, go to /spawn to choose the one that will follow you throughout your adventure: the starter!

Your adventure companion in your pocket, discover the different features of this Pixelax V4! A second very important companion, your /menu command which will allow you to discover all the wealth of what the server has to offer.

This menu allows you to intuitively explore all the features of the server:

  • Teleport easily with all warps, maps to visit easily accessible
  • Trade your resources and Pokémon via the GTS
  • At spawn, do a “Wonder Trade” (or miracle exchange for connoisseurs of games): exchange one of your Pokémon with another player randomly.
  • Access the Pokébuilder: pay with your Pokédollars to customize your Pokémon (its gender, size, nature, level, make it chromatic, or not, etc.)
  • Receive daily rewards and rewards related to your playing time as well as completing quests
  • Track your progress and earn experience on the Battle Pass and claim your rewards as soon as you reach a milestone

This list is only a tiny part of what Pixelax has to offer, we’ll explain it to you a little more right away!

An adventure that mixes Minecraft and Pokémon: see you on Pixelax!

Many features more related to Minecraft are available: professions, but also kits to help you in your adventure, mines, bosses and many other things to discover directly on the server. You will also find the classic dimensions to collect resources, but also the Nether or the End!

But don’t forget, you’re playing Pokémon! That’s why you can try to become the best trainer (and fight relentlessly… to do everything to win and win the challenges) by challenging, for example, the different arena champions, Councils 4 and League Masters of each region of iconic games. Yes yes, you will be able to face Cynthia and her mythical Garchomp, as well as all her fellow trainers and trainers from your favorite games.

But you can of course trade, buy and sell your items, as well as trade your Pokémon with Pixelax trainers.

So, will you be able to complete the Pokédex? To catch chromatic Pokémon? To become the best Pixelax trainer? Start the adventure now.

Two adventure servers: Red & Yellow

On Pixelax, you can discover different servers, each of which has its own specific gameplay. The Red & Yellow servers are the servers where players can build their base, catch and train Pokemon as well. In short, they are the heart of your adventure on the server!

On the Red and Yellow servers, you can notably claim land using the Land Creator and thus protect your constructions and develop your base.


Who says Pokémon game says… Parc Safari of course! As in Pokémon Emerald version (best game, right?) But also all the others, discover wild Pokémon in a dedicated area and capture them all! Rare and even legendary Pokémon are also available in this area.

He is

The Islands allow you to face very rare and powerful Pokémon: Legendaries, Ultra-Beasts… defeat Pokémon from each island to reveal the special Pokémon of the moment, which changes every week!

A great place to train your Pokémon and stock up on the Pokédex!


Useful links

🔗 Pixelax website
💬 Discord de Pixelax
🐦 Twitter @PixelaxFR
📹 Youtube de Pixelax
🎥 Twitch de Pixelax
📱 TikTok de Pixelax
📚 Pixelax on LinkedIn

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