Minecraft : le chien de ce joueur a été tué par ses amis, voici la leçon qu’il en a tiré …

Minecraft: this player’s dog was killed by his friends, here’s the lesson he learned… – Minecraft Online Free

In the world of Minecraft, it is possible to create, discover and play with other players online. However, as in any online community, there are sometimes conflicts and difficult situations.

This article is a translation of the story told by Elie Gould on techradar.com who had a particularly painful experience when his dog was killed by his friends in Minecraft. Despite this tragedy, he learned a valuable lesson about the importance of communication and trust in online relationships.

When my friends killed my dog ​​in Minecraft, I learned a lesson I won’t forget.

As dusk begins to set in, I begin the journey back to the safety of our Minecraft base. It was a successful day of collecting supplies, but having obtained all the seeds and wheat I could carry, it is now time to go home. I will miss Tony.

Tony is everything you could want in a dog, a shiny gray wolf with a classic red collar. He’s loyal and undeniably adorable, and although he’s only been my companion for a few hours, I know we’ll be best friends forever.

As the sun goes down, the once bright and flowery world turns into something more sinister. The cracking of skeletal bones and the sound of spider legs echo across the fields. But I think only of my imminent reunion with my faithful canine, who is well sheltered in the base that I share with my friends.

As I reach the beach south of our base, I look up and notice something odd. Is it a wooden pole the size of a skyscraper? Maybe it’s a landmark, so I don’t get lost on the way back, or just some weird decoration my friends built out of boredom. I don’t think about it and I continue my journey back.

When I arrive with provisions in hand, a friend of mine immediately appears and asks me about my trip – nothing out of the ordinary there. The subject then revolves around Tony. Apparently, while I was gone, everyone else got together and built a kennel for my beloved dog. He offers to show it to me, so I eagerly follow him, eager to see my digital animal.

I see Tony briefly, then he disappears. I blinked once, and in its place was a gray, metallic anvil and a single bone. Stunned, I look up to see the tall wooden post I had spotted earlier. While I was away, my friends gathered enough wood and iron to build a Tower of Babel-like structure – and then used it to drop an anvil on Tony.

The results

The consequences are not pretty. I don’t approach Tony’s death in the best way; there is a lot of TNT in play. This explosion starts what would later be called the Civil War. But there is no angle in this battle: it’s a dirty general melee between all the residents of the base.

Tony’s death was the catalyst for this chaos, but without her we might never have realized that this wasn’t the way we wanted to play…

While some employ guerrilla tactics, crafting homemade mines or building hidden traps around the base, others are content to push unsuspecting players off ledges. Each carefully crafted creation is quickly demolished, making any potential project risky. It’s total chaos – and it’s ruining the game for me.

During careful wartime negotiations, it is agreed that to prevent creations from being needlessly destroyed, we will each have our own “pod”, a safe space where we can build without being threatened with demolition. But these secluded spaces only underscore why we built a base together in the first place – it’s better to play together than alone. Tony wouldn’t have wanted that. It was time to extend an olive branch so we could all start over.

While the prospect of throwing a herd of creepers at an unsuspecting friend is hilarious on paper, the fallout isn’t worth it. It was time to take a deep breath and start over, for Tony.

Learn from one’s mistakes

The truce was signed and sealed by the exchange of goods. I gave someone a lead and they offered me a horse in exchange. I refused and asked for stone blocks instead – I couldn’t risk another incident with an anvil.

With all of that done, we could finally enjoy our shared server and work together to create a fun space for everyone. More isolation pods filled with Endermen in boats, more trapdoors to creeper pits, and more anvils dropped on pets. Finally, after venting all of our anger, we were able to come together and create the Minecraft home base we all wanted in the first place.

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