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Minecraft Snapshots 18w20a And 18w20b – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft snapshots 18w20a and 18w20b have been released.

Find all servers for version 18w20b here :

Changes in 18W20A

  • Sleeping in creative mode is now more comfortable
  • All worlds created in older snapshots should finally be openable again
  • Fire no longer spreads everywhere
  • Lots of bugfixes

Changes in 18W20B

Fixed bugs in 18W20A

  • MC-9620 – F1 and open chat makes hotbar appear
  • MC-116928 – Command block and spawner minecart data fixer not working correctly
  • MC-121743 – Feedback of some commands uses OS locale for formatting decimal numbers
  • MC-122331 – Shield with banner has broken colors
  • MC-122428 – Fire doesn’t disappear / Fire spread too quick
  • MC-123136 – Vines placed against the ceiling and the wall are not upgraded correctly
  • MC-123224 – Levers placed on the ground and ceiling rotate when upgrading
  • MC-123466 – Scheduled block updates are lost when upgrading a world from 1.12.2
  • MC-123790 – “italic”:false in custom item names does not make name non-italic
  • MC-124065 – Spawn Egg Data Loss on 1.7.10 -> 1.13 Upgrade
  • MC-124112 – Renamed placed droppers lose their custom name when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-124203 – Right clicking adult skeleton horse or mule with spawn egg does not spawn baby
  • MC-124343 – Command block minecart data walker never runs due to comparing different types
  • MC-124496 – Debug Stick text is not translated in other languages
  • MC-124998 – Command block minecarts disappear upon reloading the world
  • MC-125091 – Bonemeal doesn’t place flowers on plains biome
  • MC-125092 – Bonemeal stops placing plants after placing flower
  • MC-125182 – Block Entities are not upgraded properly when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-125307 – When a trident hits a mob, it will not fall right below it
  • MC-125310 – Trident can penetrate the closed shulker / wither / ender dragon / invulnerable mobs
  • MC-125342 – Trident cannot destroy the armor stand
  • MC-125362 – Attribute modifier tooltips use OS locale
  • MC-125408 – Loyalty tridents return to spectators (but don’t get picked up)
  • MC-125615 – Some end cities don’t generate completely
  • MC-125799 – Chests placed in earlier versions make no sound when opened
  • MC-125919 – Tridents enchanted with channeling will work in the end during a thunderstorm under certain conditions
  • MC-126118 – The fish mobs are missing their translation strings
  • MC-126241 – Crash on World Load – Skyblock 2.1 Vanilla
  • MC-126300 – Unlike sword, trident can accidentally break blocks in creative mode
  • MC-126373 – Density of nether and overworld ore veins significantly lower in 18w versions
  • MC-126796 – Tropical fish are disappearing
  • MC-126883 – Shulkers becomes dark purple when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-127027 – Squid’s ink clouds appear to render/spawn sideways or lopsided
  • MC-127250 – Drowned Chicken Rider is invincible and doesn’t attack player
  • MC-127252 – Killing the Drowned mob doesn’t count towards the Monster Hunter/Monsters Hunted advancements
  • MC-127301 – Shipwrecks always face north
  • MC-127478 – Texture metadata parsing fails if animation block is not present
  • MC-127730 – Fish have a strange shadow
  • MC-127993 – Solid blocks placed on unhydrated farmland
  • MC-128013 – Player can walk on the water with slow falling effect.
  • MC-128472 – When swimming, the player can stand up even though there is a block above
  • MC-128495 – Igloos often fail to generate completely
  • MC-128615 – Cod and salmon loot table have redundant set_count function
  • MC-128851 – The “A Furious Cocktail” advancement does not require Resistance
  • MC-129409 – Water acts like air on multiplayer

Fixed bugs in 18W20B

  • MC-77856 – “” Translation Uses Explicit “F2” Reference
  • MC-121287 – Minecraft Realms button does absolutely nothing
  • MC-124024 – click- and hoverEvents are not removed from item and entity names before they are shown in chat, allowing tricking players
  • MC-128234 – Conduits have “missing texture” breaking particle
  • MC-128236 – Conduits are waterlogged when placed out of water
  • MC-128237 – Conduits, kelp, coral (fans) and (tall) seagrass have full hitboxes
  • MC-128253 – Water in cauldron isn’t tinted
  • MC-128311 – Conduit allows coral fan, sea pickle, torches, ladders, button, lever, tripwire hook, vines, snow and flower pot to be placed on it
  • MC-128321 – Conduit power is listed as negative status effect
  • MC-128354 – Conduit has unused Core Texture
  • MC-129615 – All command blocks lose all nbt data on update to 18w20a

Posted on May 16th, 2018 03:19 PM EST

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