Minecraft Potion: Recipes & Ingredients Guide

Minecraft Potion: Recipes & Ingredients Guide – Minecraft Online Free

Crafting potions in Minecraft is a complex art that requires many different materials. Potions will allow you to apply different more or less powerful effects on your character thanks to alchemy.

Potions are edible items that have varying effects on the player or, if made into a splash potion, on other creatures. In order to make potions you will need an essential element: the still. But, how do they work, what are the necessary ingredients? We will see that right away.

Types of Potions in Minecraft

There are two important types of potionsthose that can be considered normal and, those called “splash” or volatile, which are launched.

The potions normales are drunk and the reaction takes place only on you. The effects produced can be positive or negatives.

The disposable potions cast, so everyone who is hit by the shards will be affected by the potion. They are therefore very useful in multiplayer, to heal several people at once or injure them.

These same disposable potions can be turned into lingering potions using the dragon’s breath in a still. These have the particularity of forming a cloud on the ground diffusing the effect of the potion to whoever enters inside.

But the effects go far beyond healing or injuring players, as you’ll see.

Tools and Items

To make a potion, you will need the tools of the little alchemist as well as a number of ingredients.

Alchemist’s tools

There are 4 “tools” that will be indispensable in order to be able to create potions:


The ingredients make it possible to obtain all kinds of potions. All potions can be converted into disposable potions with gunpowder. These throwable potions can themselves be transformed into lingering potions with dragon’s breath.

Basic ingredients and modifiers

Basic ingredients are ingredients that can be added directly to a vial of water and are the starting point for all potions. The nether wart is the most fundamental base ingredient, as it is needed to craft the vast majority of potions.

Modifiers are ingredients used to modify a potion’s properties or to change one potion’s effect to another. L’fermented spider eye is unique in that it is the only modifier capable of converting a vial of water directly into a useful potion.

Corruption Effect : And fermented spider eye modifies a potion’s base effect, often reversing it or producing a negative potion.

  • A corrupted potion usually does the reverse of the original potion.
  • Corrupting an enhanced or lingering potion into an effect that supports the modifier yields a potion with the same modifier applied.
  • Corrupting a lingering potion of Poison grants a base potion of damage. Improved jump or speed potions cannot be corrupted.
  • An invisibility potion is considered a “corrupted” version of a night vision potion.

Disposable and Lingering Potions : Any potion can be transformed into a splash potion, then into a lingering potion.

  • Splash Potions and Lingering Potions can be modded in exactly the same way as their normal counterparts. For example, a flask of disposable water can be made with any of the base ingredients; the result remains a splash potion.
  • In the Bedrock Edition, the effects of splash potions only have three-quarters the duration of normal form. In the Java Edition, the volatile and classic forms have the same duration.
  • Lingering potions only have a quarter of the duration of the regular form. For example, an 8min drinkable potion effect is reduced to 2min as a lingering potion.

Ingredients with modifying effects

Effect ingredients imbue a strange potion with a particular effect, but do not change the potion’s duration or intensity.

When added directly to a vial of water, most of these ingredients produce a mundane potion. Exceptions to this rule are Golden Carrot, Puffer Fish, Turtle Shell, and Phantom Membrane, which cannot be added directly to a vial of water.

How to make potions in Minecraft?

drinking potion

To do this, you must first make a strange potion, it is a basic potion used to make the others. To do this, take a vial and fill it with water.

To fill a vial with water, approach a water point and right-click with your vial. Then right click on the still and drop it there. And finally put a nether wart on top of the still.

minecraft weird potion recipe
Recipe for a strange potion

You will now be able to make the healing potion. To make it, you need a slice of sparkling watermelon. Put the vial you just made in the bottom and top of the still, put a slice of sparkling watermelon. You will then get a healing potion.

minecraft healing potion recipe
Healing potion recipe

disposable potion

disposable potion recipe
Disposable Potion Recipe

Do a disposable potion is very simple. You just need to put your potion at the bottom and at the top put gunpowder. You will then get a throwable potion.

Potion Recipes

Here are all the recipes for these famous potions.

basic potions

The basic potions are ineffective potions, created by adding a single basic ingredient to a vial of water. Of these, only the strange potion can be imbued with an effect ingredient to produce a potion effect.

Strange Potion (awkward)

It is the basis of most potions. Use a Nether Wart.

strange awkward potion recipe

Ordinary potion (mundane)

Use: Redstone, Ghast’s Tear, Sparkling Watermelon, Blaze Powder, Core Cream, Sugar, or Spider’s Eye.

mundane ordinary potion recipe

Thick Potion

Use luminous powder.

Thick potion recipe

Effect potions

Effect potions are created by adding an effect ingredient to a basic potion. Some effects require a potion to be corrupted by a Fermented Spider’s Eye.

Potion of Weakness can also be created by simply adding a Fermented Spider’s Eye to a vial of water.

positive effect potions

All recipes to create positive effect potions. The base is a strange potion. The + version lasts longer and the II version improves its effect but reduces its duration.

Negative Effect Potions

All recipes for creating negative effect potions.

Potions mixtes

Recipe to create the Master Turtle potion.

Guide to all recipes

The best way to fully understand all that is possible is to consult this guide to alchemy:

minecraft potion recipe
Alchemy guide for using potions in Minecraft. Source : Minecraft Wiki

Potion Tips

A few tips that will certainly be useful to you:

  • the bucket of milk negates the effects of potions. You just have to drink one to see this disappear.
  • spiders and blue spiders are immune to poison potion.

Potion Questions & Answers

👩‍🏫 How to make potions?

To make a basic potion, you will need a still, a vial and a nether wart.

💁‍♀️ What are the different types of potions?

There are “to drink” potions, “to throw” potions and “lingering” potions.

🏥 How to make a healing potion?

The healing potion is made from a strange potion and a slice of sparkling watermelon.

For which versions of Minecraft our potions guide works?

Minecraft potions guide is up to date for Minecraft 1.19, 1.18, 1.17, 1.16, 1.15 and 1.14.


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