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Minecraft 1.19.3 – Pre-release 1 – Minecraft Online Free

The first pre-release of Minecraft 1.19.3 is now available. This pre-release fixes some bugs, contains some adjustments and introduces several technical changes.

If all goes as planned, Minecraft version 1.19.3 should be released in final version on December 6, 2022.


  • Added new creature-related entity sub-predicate types: axolotl, boat, fox, mushroom, painting, rabbit, horse, llama, villager, parrot, tropical_fish
  • The command fillbiome now supports a filtered mode
  • Player heads can now contain a field note_block_sound.
    • When present, this field determines the sound a block of notes makes when the head is placed over it.

Loot Tables and Progress

New Entity Subpredicate Types

Added new entity subpredicates for some entity types with variants:

  • axolotl
    • variant – values: lucy, wild, gold, cyan, blue
  • boat
    • Works for boats, storage boats and rafts
    • variant – values: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark_oak, mangrove, bamboo
  • fox
    • variant – values: red, snow
  • mooshroom
    • variant – values: red, brown
  • painting
    • variant – values: see painting_variant registry
  • rabbit
    • variant – values: brown, white, black, white_splotched, gold, salt, evil
  • horse
    • variant – values: white, creamy, chestnut, brown, black, gray, dark_brown
    • The markings have a distinct value and are not paired
  • llama
    • variant – values: creamy, white, brown, gray
  • villager
    • variant – values: see villager_type registry
    • Also works for zombie villagers
    • Profession and level are separate values ​​and are not paired.
  • parrot
    • variant – values: red_blue, blue, green, yellow_blue, gray
  • tropical_fish
    • variant – values: kob, sunstreak, snooper, dasher, brinely, spotty, flopper, stripey, glitter, blockfish, betty, clayfish

fillbiome command

Now supports a filtered form for the fillbiome command. New syntax:

fillbiome <from> <to> <biome> [replace <filter>]

New parameter:

  • filter: A biome or biome label to replace

Bugs fixed

  • MC-156663 – Villager orientation doesn’t work in water.
  • MC-177596 – Gunsmith job subtitle is “Grinding used” instead of “Gunsmith job”.
  • MC-177676 – Gunsmith job subtitle is “The blast furnace crackles” instead of “The gunsmith works”.
  • MC-245697 – Some mobs can’t get out of water at least two blocks deep.
  • MC-255133 – Extra copper ore is generated in the Abyss
  • MC-256481 – minecraft.used:minecraft.BOOK_TYPE does not increase when placing books on chiseled shelves
  • MC-256679 – Axolotls often hesitate when avoiding danger and sometimes start heading in dangerous directions.
  • MC-256883 – Game menu items are now positioned slightly lower than in previous versions.
  • MC-257341 – Vex texture does not use translucency.
  • MC-257349 – Vex no longer sits properly in boats and minecarts.
  • MC-257368 – “Not a valid port” error in Open to LAN does not show if port is <1024
  • MC-257373 – Cursor in port number text box doesn’t blink.
  • MC-257374 – Word “number” is not capitalized in “Port number”.
  • MC-257386 – Inventory menu has broken textures with Programmer Art enabled.
  • MC-257506 – Sculpted bookcase top and bottom texture rotates based on location.
  • MC-257525 – Allay moves AI is broken in 22w42a+ causing them to sometimes spin in the air.
  • MC-257617 – You cannot scroll the telemetry screen with the mouse wheel after clicking the “Open my data” or “Data collection” button.
  • MC-257618 – Word “pair” uses incorrect verb form in “telemetry.event.world_loaded.description” string.
  • MC-257619 – Baby piglins and zombified piglins take damage when hitting their head on a block.
  • MC-257625 – Piglin head placed on music pad plays “angry piglin” sound instead of “piglin” ambient sound.
  • MC-257648 – fillbiome command can cause biome colors to flicker.
  • MC-257658 – Sculk sensors are not activated when picking up books from sculpted shelves.
  • MC-257663 – “Hide messages” button in social interactions menu can no longer be activated because it executes twice when pressed.

Download Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release

To obtain the Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release, the procedure is the same as for snapshots:

  1. Start by downloading the minecraft launcher then launch it
  2. Go to “configuration” and allow snapshots in the boot options.
  3. In the Launcher menu, select the latest pre-release 1.19.3
  4. Click on “Play”.

📥 Server version of Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release

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✅ Source : Pre-release Minecraft 1.19.3 – Minecraft.net |featured image

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