Minecraft 1.19.3 : tout le contenu de la mise à jour

Minecraft 1.19.3: all the content of the update – Minecraft Online Free

Mojang releases today Minecraft 1.19.3. This release gives the Vex a brand new look and contains technical improvements and bugfixes. more than 200 bugs.

New in Minecraft 1.19.3

  • Some experimental features are now available through the built-in experimental datapacks.
  • Added a new accessibility option “Panorama Scroll Speed”.
  • Added new default skins for offline players
  • New wood sounds


  • Different types of wood now have unique sounds when placed, broken, or walked on.
    • There are three sets of unique sounds: Normal World Woodtypes, Nether Woodtypes, and Bamboo (when activated).
  • Footsteps are now audible when walking on carpets, water lilies, and small clumps of amethyst.
  • Footsteps are now audible when walking through Nether Sprouts, Glowing Lichen, Crimson Roots, and Warped Roots.

The new features of Minecraft 1.19.3 in video.


  • Revamped creative inventory tabs.
  • Added an option for the Operator Items tab in the Controls menu, which is disabled by default.
  • The Vex now has a new look
  • In the Nether Dimensions, Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only spawn at light level 7 or lower (was 11 or lower).
  • Changes in block support
  • Spawn Block Changes
  • Changes in chat
  • Added draft player reports
  • Improvements to the Open to Local Network screen
  • The Realms News button now displays a confirmation screen before opening the link.
  • The fort placement code has been changed to be more efficient, causing the positions of the forts to move.
    • They are always placed in concentric rings, but their position in the rings can change by a few degrees.
  • The “Teleport to Squad Member” option in the Spectator Menu now only displays for squads that have viable target players.
  • Modifications des infobulles
  • Changed Wild Update music to be slightly quieter.

Creative inventory

  • Operator-only items now appear in a new Operator Utilities tab if you have both:
    • The Operator Objects Tab option in the Controls menu is enabled.
    • Permissions required for the operator
    • The tab is hidden if operator permissions are lost while the inventory is open.
    • Now includes structure blocks and all light levels from light blocks.
  • Added a Color Blocks tab
    • Contains all blocks with 16 color variants.
    • All colored blocks have been moved from the Building Blocks tab to this tab to make it less bulky.
  • The Consumables tab has been renamed to the Food and Drinks tab to have a simpler name.
  • The Crafting tab has been renamed to the Ingredients tab, as not all items are used for crafting.
  • Reorganization of
    • natural blocks
      • More consistency between types in the upper section
      • Eggs were moved between seeds and single-block plants.
      • Climbing plants are placed above two-block plants.
    • Food and drinks
      • Cooked versions of raw food are now placed next to each other.
    • Redstone blocks
      • Less cluttered
      • The most important objects are at the top of the list
      • Removed variants of doors, hatches, buttons and boats that have no functional difference.
    • Ingredients
      • The lapis are placed in the same order as the ore blocks.
  • Displacement of
    • Experience Bottle from the Tools and Utilities tab to the Ingredients tab next to Enchantment Books.
  • Added
    • All axes in the Combat tab (they also remain in the Tools and Utilities tab).
    • All possible Suspicious Stews in the Consumables tab.
      • The tooltip will show the effect of a stew before it is picked up from the creative inventory.
      • Only stews whose effects are available through crafting or mooshrooms are listed.
    • Pressure plates and buttons of each type in the Building Blocks tab.
    • Almost all light blocks at the top of the Function Blocks tab.
    • The three firework flight times in the Tools & Utilities tab, and the Combat tab next to Crossbow.
    • Eye of End next to the End Portal Frame block in the Building Blocks tab for better usability.
  • Tooltips for all Creative menu items outside of single-category tabs will indicate the categories in which that item can be found.
    • Previously this only happened in the Search tab
New creative inventory in Minecraft 1.19.3


  • Changes to the Vex model and textures
    • The Vex now has a slightly oversized hitbox to make combat easier.
new vex model with allay
The new Vex model in Minecraft (right) and the Allay on the left.


  • Spawners no longer have a default mob type when placed by a player (previously it was pig).
  • Does not emit fire particles when a mob spawn type has not been set.
  • Renamed the Monster Spawner to match the Bedrock, and removed the purple color from the text.
  • Pick-block now works for Spawner blocks
  • The mob type is now displayed in the hover description of a Spawner item stack.
    • If a mob type has not yet been defined, the hover description will describe how to define it.

Spawn Eggs

  • Added new spawn eggs for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither monsters in Creative Mode.
    • Ender Dragon and Wither eggs will only be available through commands to prevent accidental destruction of player builds.
  • The colors of the polar bear laying egg have changed to distinguish it from the ghost laying egg.

Technical changes

  • Added new creature-related entity sub-predicate types: axolotl, boat, fox, mushroom, painting, rabbit, horse, llama, villager, parrot, tropical_fish
  • The command fillbiome now supports a filtered mode
  • Player heads can now contain a field note_block_sound.
    • When present, this field determines the sound a block of notes makes when the head is placed over it.
  • As you move from button to button, tooltips appear above or below them.
  • Tooltips displayed on hover are displayed next to the cursor.
  • The tooltips of the buttons targeted (by pressing the tab key) take priority over the tooltips of the buttons hovered over.
  • Optimized some exceptionally slow structure search cases.

Loot Tables and Progress

New Entity Subpredicate Types

Added new entity subpredicates for some entity types with variants:

  • axolotl
    • variant – values: lucy, wild, gold, cyan, blue
  • boat
    • Works for boats, storage boats and rafts
    • variant – values: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark_oak, mangrove, bamboo
  • fox
    • variant – values: red, snow
  • mooshroom
    • variant – values: red, brown
  • painting
    • variant – values: see painting_variant registry
  • rabbit
    • variant – values: brown, white, black, white_splotched, gold, salt, evil
  • horse
    • variant – values: white, creamy, chestnut, brown, black, gray, dark_brown
    • The markings have a distinct value and are not paired
  • llama
    • variant – values: creamy, white, brown, gray
  • villager
    • variant – values: see villager_type registry
    • Also works for zombie villagers
    • Profession and level are separate values ​​and are not paired.
  • parrot
    • variant – values: red_blue, blue, green, yellow_blue, gray
  • tropical_fish
    • variant – values: kob, sunstreak, snooper, dasher, brinely, spotty, flopper, stripey, glitter, blockfish, betty, clayfish

fillbiome command

Now supports a filtered form for the fillbiome command. New syntax:

fillbiome <from> <to> <biome> [replace <filter>]

New parameter:

  • filter: A biome or biome label to replace

Experimental Features

Some experimental features now need to be enabled to appear in worlds. These features are enabled by adding an embedded datapack when creating a world.

Worlds that use experimental features will be marked as “Experimental” in the world selection list. Experimental features cannot be enabled for existing worlds.

What these experimental features for Minecraft 1.19.3 contain:

  • Camel
  • Sac
  • New set related to bamboo wood
  • Carved bookcase
  • Hanging signs

All the information about these new features is available in our article dedicated to the new features of Minecraft 1.20 announced during the last Minecraft Live.

To enable experimental features:

  1. Create a new world and click on “Data Packs”
  2. Then select the data packs indicating the “1.20”
  3. Launch the creation of the world

Download Minecraft 1.19.3

How to install Minecraft 1.19.3? To get Minecraft 1.19.3 on computer, go to your Minecraft launcher, then select “Latest version 1.19.3” and change version. For mobile and console versions, launch your game and it will automatically update

📥 Server version of Minecraft 1.19.3

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