Voici LA raison pour laquelle Mojang doit arrêter avec le mob vote de Minecraft …

Here’s THE reason Mojang needs to stop with Minecraft’s mob vote… – Minecraft Online Free

After its Mob Vote 2022, Mojang should reconsider how it lets players decide what gets added to Minecraft to avoid further criticism.

Minecraft is gearing up for its Mob Vote 2022, a tradition started by Mojang that has become highly controversial due to perceived unfairness and its waning popularity, with more players wondering if voting is still worth it. Launched in 2017, the Mob Vote was a far more modest precursor to the current show, but its core concept has remained relatively unchanged. Fans vote for their favorite creature and the final winner is integrated into Minecraft. But after several years, the vote seems to be causing more harm than good.

From popular content creators like Dream influencing the final vote, to people accusing Mojang of holding back on releasing new stuff for the “buzz”, Mob Vote’s reputation has been tarnished. The final vote pits the Sniffer, the Rascal, and the Tuff Golem against each other. Despite Mojang’s best efforts to address this vote with as much media coverage as possible, the ongoing controversy and poor creature design have already drawn criticism. After the 2022 Mob Vote, Mojang should reconsider its future votes.

Mob Vote Flaws Explained

While the Mob Vote is probably a good intention by Mojang towards its players, voting as it currently works has many disadvantages that outweigh its advantages. For example, most gamers are familiar with the accusations that Dream rigged the vote after asking its fans to vote for the glowing octopus. Unsurprisingly, the octopus was confirmed to him as the winner of the Mob Vote of 2020, prompting fans who hadn’t voted for this creature to point out the injustice of anyone with a sufficient number of fans could strongly influence the outcome.

Also, while 2020’s Mob Vote has been controversial, each Mob Vote has the downside of introducing three creatures that Mojang had planned, only to narrow them down to just one. Fans are disappointed not only when their selection doesn’t win, but also when those losing concepts are seemingly scrapped, unless certain creatures are later reused in Minecraft spin-offs. Concepts like the Moobloom or the Copper Golem are wasted in the name of community engagement.

All creatures from past voted mobs. Source

To compound the problem of wasted designs, the Mob Vote itself was criticized for wasting the opportunity to vote. 2022’s Mob Vote is proof of this for the second time, as Mojang introduced a bias-indicating golem, undermining the point of a player-driven vote. Also, the Tuff Golem and the Sniffer have been criticized for their lack of usefulness in Minecraft, with one being a quirky decoration and the other finding seeds that currently serve no purpose.

Mojang needs to reconsider its approach

While many of the criticisms leveled at Mob Vote are valid, Mojang might be limited in how it can approach voting balance. For example, without some kind of agreement with content creators not to influence voting, Mojang would be powerless to stop fans from following their favorite streamers. Mojang is also reportedly running out of options on how to expand the vote itself to make it look like fans are getting their money’s worth. As impossible as it may seem, change is needed.

Despite these obstacles, the Mob Vote review is not a lost cause. Mojang has already allowed players to vote on which Minecraft biome to update, which promised not only new creatures, but also terrain, plants, and other environmental factors. A hybrid approach allowing players to vote on a group of new additions rather than a single creature might provide a better compromise for each player. Making each pack biome-specific or giving each pack a specific purpose could help develop other areas of the game like enchantment or mining.

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