Fanta est vivement critiqué pour avoir fait la promotion des NFT à la soirée de lancement du serveur Minecraft d’Inoxtag

Fanta is heavily criticized for promoting NFTs at Inoxtag’s Minecraft server launch party – Minecraft Online Free

Inoxtag’s Minecraft ONECUBE server launch party could have been perfect without the highly criticized intervention of the famous Thefantasio974…

Yesterday took place a stream organized by Inoxtag on Youtube followed by more than a hundred thousand viewers. The Youtuber presented his Minecraft server ONECUBE, announced more than a year ago during Zevent2021, which was able to see the light of day thanks to a donation goal of 100k€ which was reached during the event.

This evening took place with the exceptional presence of many personalities from the community and especially friends of Inoxtag: Michou, Squeezie, Etoile, Gotaga and Kameto. A little upstream, we were teased of the presence of 2 mystery guests, it was by discovering the promotional poster for the evening that we learned that the famous Fanta and Bob, legends of the French Minecraft-game, would be Of the game.

You can see the faces of TheFantasio974 and Bob Lennon behind the poster.

For the youngest of you who don’t know them, Fanta is best known for being one of the first French Minecraft Youtuber, having started in 2011 with his videos Guide to getting started in Minecraft. He was later joined by Bob Lennon, they then had several successful Youtube series such as Fanta Bob World, The Dream or Crusoe. To learn more about Fanta, see our article looking back on his epic.

But while Bob Lennon is always present on Youtube, Fanta ended his career as a “gaming” videographer in 2019 by deleting all videos from his Youtube channel, then putting them back online following complaints from players. Following that, we only heard of him for his passion for cryptocurrencies.

Fanta’s questionable behavior

What was the surprise of many viewers of the Inoxtag stream when Fanta released a paper on which he wrote “Veve France”, an investor community closely linked to cryptocurrency:

Fanta’s “Veve France” poster during the Inoxtag stream. Source : Video of the Inoxtag stream, timecode 1:48:35

We see Bob Lennon hilarious “Ahah he’s advertising !!”, while on set Inoxtag declares “I authorize, I authorize” without really knowing what that means. Just after Michou wonders “What is it, is it a brand?”, the other streamers on site are just as confused but resume their stream without asking themselves any more questions.

At another point, Fanta is heard criticizing young Minecraft players:

Fanta who says “kikoos that scandalize”

Following the Live, screenshots of Fanta’s discord leaked, we can read what the latter really thinks of the event:

Fanta defends his action during the live, according to him “it’s not a very honest choice to invite us to promote a paid minecraft server“.

Netizens’ reactions to Fanta’s action

It was later and on Twitter that many Internet users protested against this intervention by Fanta:

Fanta who goes on Inoxtag live to advertise NFT (in front of thousands of miners) and to criticize the server/inox from behind (knowing that the serv is not paying just there are paying benefits) What a dog! #onecube

Source : @lenny_inair on Twitter

Résumé : Fanta is a big shit and it’s totally disrespectful for Inox who was happy to count him among the guests, someone else would have deserved his place, he wasn’t even playing, 0 pleasure.

Source : @LeRebeuDu54 on Twitter

Clearly a huge lack of respect from the redneck Fantahe says he makes a living from crypto trading but he just uses his notoriety to charge for access to his 2-ball group and he dares to come and promote his shit by live invitation, in the dungeon #cancel #mangetesmorts

Source : @ShaZenOffi on Twitter

It was obvious that he didn’t give a fuck Fanta of the Inox server, he came to stall his little tranquilou pub and he is happy. Disrespect at its peak

Source : @ClemLeRetourr on Twitter

Streamer reactions

Few personalities in the community have spoken about Fanta’s behavior, but Gotaga spoke about it during a live broadcast and his intervention was very divided:

Gotaga’s opinion on Fanta’s behavior

As for Bichard, he would have liked (like all of us…) that Fanta’s behavior was nothing but a nightmare:

Same thing for Antoine Daniel who still can’t believe Fanta’s intervention:

Fanta’s defense

In all defence, Fanta has made an unlisted video on Youtube in which he states that the reactions against him are only prejudice and that he is right:

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