Ces 7 fonctionnalités de Minecraft dont on ne comprend pas l’utilité

These 7 features of Minecraft whose usefulness we do not understand – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft is a game that has evolved significantly over the years, but that doesn’t mean that every new feature and feature makes perfect sense. On the contrary, many of these aspects could be considered ambiguous. Some aspects of Minecraft are based, at least partially, on the real world. However, when examined from a purely realistic […]

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Forge VS Fabric, quelle librairie choisir pour ses mods dans Minecraft  ?

Forge VS Fabric, which library to choose for its mods in Minecraft? – Minecraft Online Free

You may have already wanted to install a mod on your game, in order to add new functionalities to it, and while inquiring you learned that there were 2 libraries allowing the addition of mods: Forge and Fabric. At the end of this guide, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the […]

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Minecraft : le chien de ce joueur a été tué par ses amis, voici la leçon qu’il en a tiré …

Minecraft: this player’s dog was killed by his friends, here’s the lesson he learned… – Minecraft Online Free

In the world of Minecraft, it is possible to create, discover and play with other players online. However, as in any online community, there are sometimes conflicts and difficult situations. This article is a translation of the story told by Elie Gould on techradar.com who had a particularly painful experience when his dog was killed […]

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Minecraft: 10 moments we would all like to experience again in the game

Minecraft: 10 moments we would all like to experience again in the game – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft is filled with memorable ones, but unfortunately you only experience them once. Here is a list of things we would all like to relive at least once in Minecraft… Over ten years later, the game is still receiving regular updates and is more popular than ever. Almost everyone has immersed themselves in it at […]

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La personne ayant écrit le poème de l’End de Minecraft l’a mis dans le domaine public après avoir pris des champignons hallucinogènes

Whoever Wrote Minecraft’s End Poem Released It After Taking Magic Mushrooms – Minecraft Online Free

The original creator of Minecraft’s Poem of the End is making it available to everyone for free. Writer Julian Gough announced on Twitter that he has made Minecraft’s famous End poem part of the public domain. The poem is believed to be the only narrative element written in Mojang’s original survival game, and Gough never […]

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Minecraft 1.19.3 : tout le contenu de la mise à jour

Minecraft 1.19.3: all the content of the update – Minecraft Online Free

Mojang releases today Minecraft 1.19.3. This release gives the Vex a brand new look and contains technical improvements and bugfixes. more than 200 bugs. New in Minecraft 1.19.3 Some experimental features are now available through the built-in experimental datapacks. Added a new accessibility option “Panorama Scroll Speed”. Added new default skins for offline players New […]

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minecraft 1.19.3 pre release

Minecraft 1.19.3 – Pre-release 1 – Minecraft Online Free

The first pre-release of Minecraft 1.19.3 is now available. This pre-release fixes some bugs, contains some adjustments and introduces several technical changes. If all goes as planned, Minecraft version 1.19.3 should be released in final version on December 6, 2022. Changes Added new creature-related entity sub-predicate types: axolotl, boat, fox, mushroom, painting, rabbit, horse, llama, […]

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Fanta est vivement critiqué pour avoir fait la promotion des NFT à la soirée de lancement du serveur Minecraft d’Inoxtag

Fanta is heavily criticized for promoting NFTs at Inoxtag’s Minecraft server launch party – Minecraft Online Free

Inoxtag’s Minecraft ONECUBE server launch party could have been perfect without the highly criticized intervention of the famous Thefantasio974… Yesterday took place a stream organized by Inoxtag on Youtube followed by more than a hundred thousand viewers. The Youtuber presented his Minecraft server ONECUBE, announced more than a year ago during Zevent2021, which was able […]

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Les développeurs de Minecraft répondent aux questions des joueurs suite au Minecraft Live 2022

Minecraft devs answer player questions following Minecraft Live 2022 – Minecraft Online Free

Today a small group of Minecraft developers answered many questions that players asked them on Reddit. The 4 developers are Ulraf, gameplay designer, Yung Tak, feedback manager, B (billyballong13), a Java developer and N, a Bedrock developer. The developers participated in this question/answer session for about 90 minutes, we translated it all into French for […]

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Testez les nouveautés de Minecraft 1.20 dès maintenant ! Snapshot 22w42a / Preview

Test the new features of Minecraft 1.20 now! Snapshot 22w42a / Preview – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft Live 2022 is still fresh in our memory, it’s perfect you can now test its new features in Snapshot 22w42a for Minecraft Java and Preview for Minecraft Bedrock! Depending on the platform you play Minecraft on, you can access the camel, hanging signs, carved bookcase, and bamboo wood. Please remember that these are […]

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