Best Minecraft Skins to Download in 2023

Best Minecraft Skins to Download in 2023 – Minecraft Online Free

Skins in Minecraft are one of the most popular things after capes. The first thing Minecraft owners do, when they buy the game is to create their own skin, or download and add their skin to Minecraft.

For years players tried to create a new and unique Minecraft skin, but as time passes these results are lower.

Except for creating a Minecraft skin of your real-life self, there aren’t many ideas left, so they can be defined as unique.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to the best Minecraft skins to download and directly start using.

Best Minecraft skins to download

The skins chosen as the best Minecraft skins to download were picked from community votes, most downloads, and personal opinions, which were liked by others.

Diamond Assassin

The Diamond Assassin is a legit veteran Minecraft skin, which was created back in 2011 when the game started.

Since then it has received more than 200,000 total downloads and can still be seen as a usable skin in Minecraft.

Diamond Assassin is equipped with its own Minecraft diamond axe, which is shown as a cosmetic to the skin and cannot be used for fighting or any other purposes. It stays as decoration on the skin only.

The author of the Diamond Assassin skin still accepts new requests and edits on his skin.

The Great, Red Gumball Machine skin

As one of the greatest ideas for a Minecraft skin, the red gumball machine skin takes a high spot. This skin has won more rewards than any other skin in Minecraft ever.

Using this skin feels like being an actual gumball machine. If you have never tried it, now’s your chance.

Link – Legend of Zelda

Link is a popular character and Minecraft skin, which originated from Legend of Zelda. It is one of the first skins that has been seen in Minecraft, which received more than 100,000 downloads.

You can still see how Legend of Zelda players still use the Link skin and even have modifications, so they can have their own version of Link.

Finn – Adventure Time

Adventure time is a popular cartoon, which features the popular characters Finn and Jake, and their numerous adventures.

They became so popular and loved, which resulted in their creation and implementation into the Minecraft skin world.

Currently, Finn is not so widely used but is still remembered as one of the best Minecraft skins, due to the nostalgic feeling when watching the cartoon.

Psy – Gangnam Style


Who doesn’t remember Gangnam style, which was the most popular song back in the day? Psy is one of the most loved Minecraft skins, which players still use and even spam sneak, so they can imitate dancing.

Even though Psy is a bit outdated for the nowadays standards of Minecraft skin, it still remains as a treasure for the older Minecraft community.

Freddy Fazbear – Five Nights at Freddy’s


Freddy Fazbear from the popular jumpscare game Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) is also one of the best Minecraft skins.

People still remember it as one of the spookiest Minecraft skins also, which has a very nice detailed design and great looks.

If you are a genius, you will start thinking of how you can implement a jumpscare game in Minecraft with Freddy. Think fast, before it’s done!


Deadpool is a Marvel character with unique characteristics and great humor. The unkillable Deadpool is also widely used by players.

Not to mention that PVP veterans use him in the arena to show themselves as unkillable or unbeatable in fights.

Goku – Dragon Ball

Goku also known as the strongest person in the Dragon Ball series is serious and has really good-looking skin.

Not only Goku himself was introduced to the Minecraft skin world, but also most of his companions, enemies, and some side characters, which we don’t get to see that much in the series.

Notch – Creator of Minecraft

Notch, also known as Markus Persson or the creator of Minecraft is fun to use and widely popular Minecraft skin.

Players have created all kinds of variations of Notch’s skin and continue to craft new projects by using his skin. Not to mention that they also add his most lovable object in Minecraft – the dead bush.


Honeydew is a dwarf protagonist, also known as one of the three protagonists in the Minecraft series.

He is a bearded dwarf, who always loves to dig. You may have also heard his words, which are “Diggy Diggy Hole”.


Jeb is one of the most popular skins in Minecraft and originates from its creator Jens Bergen.

Jeb is currently active as the head of the designers for Minecraft bedrock, Java Edition, and also Minecraft dungeons.


Herobrine is a non-existent character in Minecraft, which was created for scary purposes by the Minecraft community.

There were various mods and plugins, which add Herobrine as a spooky character, with the one and only aim – to scare people and destroy everything in his sight.

Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

If you have watched the popular western cartoon The Simpsons, you would probably fall in love with the skin of Homer Simpsons.

It is an exact copy of the original cartoon character and is considered one of the best skins in Minecraft ever.

It has hundreds of thousands of downloads and even nowadays it is becoming more popular than ever.

Demogorgon – Stranger Things

The Demogorgon is a mythical creature from another dimension, which is considered an alien that came through a portal on the planet we call earth.

It is a scary creature with many abilities and monstrous height but in Minecraft, it’s just your regular super cool skin, that originated from a popular movie.

Grim Creeper

If you love the creeper skins in Minecraft and what to have something a bit fancier, I would suggest checking out the Grip Creeper Minecraft skin.

It originates from the Creeper mob and is combined with the Grim Reaper, which is known as a legend or seen in different animes and cartoons.


The creeper is a basic skin of the Minecraft creeper mob, which became so popular and used as a meme for raging (exploding) players.

A part of the Minecraft community may use the word “explosive” when referring to someone, which means he is raging or toxic to the community.

Aside from this many players refer to the basic creeper skin as one of the best Minecraft skins, due to the similarity with the explosive Minecraft mob.


If you love Minecraft mobs, then perhaps you have tried the Zombie skin. It’s not a player creation, instead, it has been created by Mojang itself.

But what’s the big deal? It’s still one of the best Minecraft skins and gives the feeling that you are one of the Minecraft mobs.

Stormtrooper – Star Wars

Many Star Wars fans will find it interesting that we have a Stormtrooper skin in the game. The Storm Trooper is a clumsy clone, with bad aim, but that’s due to the helmets they have.

Nonetheless, stormtroopers are communicative and helpful.

But if you have issues building in the game or simply fighting, that’s not because of the helmet. It’s just a design in Minecraft, not an actual blocker.

Squid Game

As we all know the popular Korean movie, a special skin designer created the famous Squid Game character skin, by taking the employee’s outfit.


If you like the idea of the Zombie skin, how about the Pigman skin. This Minecraft skin can scare the nearby players, as it will totally look like a pigman escaped in Minecraft.

Just imagine playing on a cracked Minecraft server with the name Pigman and the server shows mob names. Noone will understand the difference between you and a pigma mob.

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