Best 7 Minecraft Pixelmon Servers in 2023

Best 7 Minecraft Pixelmon Servers in 2023 – Minecraft Online Free

Are you searching for Minecraft Pokemon servers? We have the perfect list to fit your needs and a wide variety of Minecraft pixelmon alternative servers, which make the game more interesting.

What are Pixelmon servers in Minecraft?

Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft mod, which many players started enjoying. It deploys everything, which we have seen in the popular series of Pokemon into Minecraft.

In Pixelmon servers, you can see that each player is actually a pokemon trainer and has his starting pokemon and poke balls.

Trainers are allowed to catch any pokemon, which is wandering or fight it if it’s needed.

Aside from catching pokemon or fighting them, players also need to heal their pokemon or leave them to rest.

That’s where the fun part comes. Players can visit the nearest hospital or even craft their own stations.

Not to mention that building houses and searching for materials is not excluded in the game, as pokemon can get healed by magical herbs, which can be found in the game.

Best 7 Pixelmon servers in Minecraft

The following list of the best Pixelmon servers does not categorize them from best to worst. All of the mentioned Minecraft pixelmon servers are unique and can offer players a good experience in the game.

Pixelmon Realms (IP Address

Pixelmon Realms is a unique Minecraft pixelmon server, which lets players enjoy the poke saga by catching various pokemon.

The only difference in this server is that players have to be on Minecraft 1.16.4 to play it. You cannot play on this server on its latest version.

Aside from the server version, Pixelmon Realms is packed with tons of great features, such as voting, which can get you a unique rare pokemon and many more rewards.

Players can join pixelmon arenas and fight each other, to find who is the best trainer amongst them.

Mox MC (IP Address


Mox MC is another great pixelmon Minecraft server, which greets newbie players with a nice pokemon upon joining.

In Mox MC you can play on any Minecraft version, as their servers can upkeep any Minecraft server version.

Mox MC offers players tournaments for special achievements and pokemon weekly, which players can join and fight to find who is the best pokemon trainer amongst them all.

PokeLand (IP Address

PokeLand is a dedicated Minecraft pixelmon server, with a small player base and highly customized maps for pokemon trainers.

The PokeLand creators have customized the best areas for certain pokemon to spawn, which eliminates the factor of any kind of pokemon random spawning.

You can choose safari hunts or battles with other players in addition to earning exclusive pokemon and rare items in-game.

Vortex Network (IP Address

Vortex Network is a highly respected pixelmon Minecraft server with various modes to play, such as prison, skyblock, and vanilla survival.

Vortex is a highly reputable network of Minecraft servers, which upkeeps more than a thousand players.

Their Pixelmon server gets a high number of players and the rewards given for voting, keep their community interested.

Vortex Network’s pixelmon server doesn’t reset, as even the advanced players have more adventures and achievements to acquire.

So if you are looking for a pixelmon Minecraft server with no resets, you should definitely go for Vortex Network.

MC Complex (IP Address:


MC Complex is a one and only mega-network, which provides various game modes and features the Pixelmon mod.

The pixelmon in MC Complex is very enjoyable, due to the custom maps and entities they have included, which makes the server unique from the others.

MC Complex does not reset their Pixelmon server that often, as the resets happen only if they are implementing major updates to their pixelmon mod.

If you are a new player, who looks for adventures and friendly communities, MC Complex has hundreds of ready to help players and multiple tutorials, to help you advance.

PikaDex (IP Address:


PikaDex is a cracked Minecraft pixelmon server, which lets players join with any Minecraft version.

PikaDex like other pixelmon servers does not reset, so players can join the adventures for an infinite time.

New players can join both daily and weekly events, where they have to fight other trainers or simply fill up bingo lists.

The bingo lists have certain pokemon inside them, and once you catch any pokemon you get a small reward. If you manage to fill up the whole list, you will get an exclusive reward.

The most fun thing about PikaDex is that both new and advanced players can join safari hunts, where they can find rare pokemon and catch them.

The safari maps are custom and unpredictable, which means that they may receive updates at any time.

Purple Prison (IP Address:

Last but not least is the major pixelmon server Purple Prison. Even though they are known for their astonishing prison servers, Purple Prison does have more game modes and features the fun to play pixelmon mod.

In Purple Prison players do have pixelmon seasons, and once the season ends, everything is being reset.

If you have donated to the server, the donations are also reset, but some perks are being kept or given to the donators in the server.

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