Ces 7 fonctionnalités de Minecraft dont on ne comprend pas l’utilité

These 7 features of Minecraft whose usefulness we do not understand – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft is a game that has evolved significantly over the years, but that doesn’t mean that every new feature and feature makes perfect sense. On the contrary, many of these aspects could be considered ambiguous. Some aspects of Minecraft are based, at least partially, on the real world. However, when examined from a purely realistic […]

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Quelle est la différence entre HTTP et HTTPS ?

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? – Minecraft Online Free

What do you mean, there are really two? Casual users don’t always notice it, but HTTP (or and HTTPS () are two possible options at the beginning of a URL that can distinguish a major difference between all the web pages you visit every day. Even if you don’t really care understand how it works, […]

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Forge VS Fabric, quelle librairie choisir pour ses mods dans Minecraft  ?

Forge VS Fabric, which library to choose for its mods in Minecraft? – Minecraft Online Free

You may have already wanted to install a mod on your game, in order to add new functionalities to it, and while inquiring you learned that there were 2 libraries allowing the addition of mods: Forge and Fabric. At the end of this guide, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the […]

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Minecraft : le chien de ce joueur a été tué par ses amis, voici la leçon qu’il en a tiré …

Minecraft: this player’s dog was killed by his friends, here’s the lesson he learned… – Minecraft Online Free

In the world of Minecraft, it is possible to create, discover and play with other players online. However, as in any online community, there are sometimes conflicts and difficult situations. This article is a translation of the story told by Elie Gould on techradar.com who had a particularly painful experience when his dog was killed […]

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Top 14 Minecraft RPG Mods For Servers

Top 14 Minecraft RPG Mods For Servers – Minecraft Online Free

Do you want to buff the experience in your Minecraft server, allowing players to experience unearthly creatures and fantasy weapons with effects? We have conducted a small research to find the best RPG mods for Minecraft servers, with the most content, and minimum resource requirements. What are Minecraft RPG Mods Minecraft already has some RPG […]

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Minecraft: 10 moments we would all like to experience again in the game

Minecraft: 10 moments we would all like to experience again in the game – Minecraft Online Free

Minecraft is filled with memorable ones, but unfortunately you only experience them once. Here is a list of things we would all like to relive at least once in Minecraft… Over ten years later, the game is still receiving regular updates and is more popular than ever. Almost everyone has immersed themselves in it at […]

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Best Minecraft RPG Maps for Servers

Best Minecraft RPG Maps for Servers – Minecraft Online Free

Do you want to make your own Minecraft RPG server, but are not sure what kind of map can be a perfect fit? We have listed 5 different RPG maps for Minecraft servers, which can be a perfect inspiration for your new role-playing project. What are Minecraft RPG Maps Minecraft RPG maps are specific projects, […]

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Best Minecraft RPG Data Packs

Best Minecraft RPG Data Packs – Minecraft Online Free

Do you want to improve your Minecraft server, and bring some RPG experience to it? Buffing your server can happen easily, without the need for plugins, or mods that waste space. We have conducted research and picked the 5 best RPG data packs, that you can include in your server, and bring a ton of […]

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How to make a Minecraft RPG server like Wynncraft

How to Make a Minecraft RPG Server in 2023 – Minecraft Online Free

Have you ever wanted to own the next popular RPG Minecraft server, but don’t know how to start it, or what are the requirements? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make a Minecraft RPG server, which will score a lot of players in a small amount of time. What is […]

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Les Gamerules de Minecraft : la liste complète

Minecraft Gamerules: the complete list – Minecraft Online Free

Nom Description default value Availablity Version d’apparition (version Java) announceAdvancements Allows you to hide (false) or show (true) progress announcements in chat. true Java only 1.12 blockExplosionDropDecay Allows you to control if, during a block explosion (except a TNT), the amount of items that fall to the ground should be 100% (false) or should be […]

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